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Ship City fitness

24 hour strength and conditioning center

Join one of Maine’s most comprehensive strength and conditioning facilities.  Our mission is to provide a space which fosters and develops health and wellness.  Wherever you may be in your journey, our goal is meet you where you are and help you grow and improve. 

Ship City is a community of people who want to get strong and stay in shape.  Whether you’re an athlete prepping for a meet, or accountant trying to stay in shape; we have what you need to succeed. 

Ship City Fitness is all inclusive.  We have designated spaces for everyone regardless of what your main focus is. 

Are you a weightlifter?  Good! See you on the platform. 

Powerlifter?  Awesome, grab a bar, and pick a rack. 

What about cardio? Pick your poison; we have treadmills, ellipticals, stair steppers, rowers, bikes, and more. 


What we offer


24 hour gym membership


Personal Training


Small Group Training


Group Classes


Ship City Crew

First things first, the gym is open 24 HOURS EVERYDAY!!! That is a HUGE plus for me considering I like to work out really late at night. So now I don’t have to worry abt going at a certain time of day, and I can go whenever depending on my schedule.
Next, the atmosphere. It’s a GREAT space for personal training and small groups. It has all the necessary equipment for an amazing, well-rounded workout.
Then there is Branden, the owner. He always listens to any concerns you may have, and answers any questions as well. He really knows his stuff, and will help you achieve your goal and push you to be your best.
Lastly, it’s only $40 a month for all of it. And unlike some other gyms (orange circuit) there is NO hidden fees or anything. What you see is what you pay. Period.
I HIGHLY reccomend this gym for anyone. Whether they are just starting out, or have been working out for a long time.

Kevin M.

Ship City has become a second home to me. It has 24/7 access and ALL the equipment you need to have a fantastic work out, HIIT? Lifting? This is where it’s at. Branden is very knowledgeable and puts together a great lifting program. If you’re in town visiting or live in town this is the place to be. Thankful it is here.


Michelle S.

1- 24 Hour Facility Access. For $40/ month. Yes. Period.
2- Branden, the owner and trainer (there are other trainers), knows his stuff really well, has challenged me, has listened to me when I challenged him (unusual and noteworthy). Branden has also taught me about the long-term view to weather the ups and downs of the scale, and of my strength performance on any given day. I appreciate his even-keeled, calm, encouraging approach.
3- I love that the gym is small. Not so small that I’ve ever felt crowded, but small enough that we can chat like a community (if we want) if several of us are working out at the same time. (Also totally fine, of course, to not chat at all. But not connecting, I find, is the norm at most gyms.)
3.5- Small enough that I get to choose to play my music over the speakers many times!
4- When I was trying to complete my first 10 pushups, the other 2 guys working out at the time stopped to CHEER ME ON! How cool is THAT?! That’s good community right there.
5- Great combo of strength equipment, cardio equipment, new “strong-man” fun toys, plenty of space for stretching on the “grass”.
6- When I came to the gym angry and needed to kick the **** out of something, Branden changed my program to include kickboxing that day. Boy, am I ever grateful! Now, it’s a REGULAR part of my workout… and also unusually, Branden doesn’t over-advise me. He lets me know that if I’m going to continue training, I should learn the right way to do X kind of kick, but unless I’m about to hurt myself, if I just need to kick something, he lets me do that, too.
7- Because of Branden, I would say that Ship City Fitness is the smart way to workout… it’s not a fad gym or a flashy gym. It’s where you’d go to learn how to move smartly… so you don’t get hurt playing with your grandkids, or being at work.

Erin B.

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